Are you going to watch a soccer-game in Stockholm?

Do you love Soccer and your favorite team is going to play in Stockholm?
Take then the opportunity to make it a longer stay instead of just a short weekend old town, Stockholm

When choosing your lodging it is more popular to rent apartments old town, Stockholm.
It gives a more personal experience, and you’ll get privacy.

Besides the soccer-game there is lots of places to visit and explore in Stockholm.
Here are some suggestions of destinations you would’n like to miss.

Visit the royal yard where the battle of the Elms took place over forty years ago.
There is still visible marks after the event from a chainsaw. When the city of Stockholm grew in the 60s and the 70s, the public transportation grew with it.
After finding cracks in the subway the city decided to move the entrance where the park is located instead of repairing the damages.
The consequences of this was to cut down 13 elm trees, fortunately was the construction workers stopped by thousands of protesters who wanted to save the trees.
The protesters were well organized and slept in hammocks between the trees.
There are a nice place to sit and take a Swedish fika at the location or perhaps an ice cream.

When having a long stay in Stockholm you also could visit the location of an old elevator that is dated from 1881, the old elevator is replaced by a new one, and it serves as an alternative to move between the large height differences that resides in Stockholm. From the start it was powered by a giant steam engine and that was replaced in 1915 by an electric motor.
The elevator saves a long trip by stairs and are used daily by residents and tourists and serves as a shortcut between Katarinavägen and Mosebacke Torg